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The drink usually consists of Sprite (where the moniker “Dirty Sprite” is derived) mixed with a blend of Codeine and/or Phenergan and/or Dextromethorphan (common ingredients in cough syrup). You can mix NyQuill or some other type of cough syrup. Once mixed, the clear beverage turns a purple color.

This deadly drink blend is nicknamed on the street “Dirty Sprite”, “Drank” or “Lean”. Allegedly originating in Texas, “Dirty Sprite” can create euphoric effects in its user. However it is mostly known for its dangerous effects.

This drug concoction can cause neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS), which can be fatal. Symptoms include fever, stiff muscles, confusion, abnormal thinking, fast or irregular heartbeat and sweating.

Similar to Heroin, Morphine, Oxycontin or Vicodin, a drinker has the same withdrawal symptoms as addicts of the aforementioned substances. Nonetheless many popular Hip Hop artists like Lil’ Wayne (who suffered violent seizures from repeated usage), DJ Screw, Big Moe, Pimp C and countless others have lost their lives to this dangerous concoction. “Dirty Sprite” has been called “Hip Hop’s New Heroin”.

For at least a decade, teen abusers added cough syrup and codeine to soda. Only recently have they begun adding prescription medications as well. These drug cocktails are also known as “lean”, “sizzurp” or “purple drank”.

Parents should be aware of what their children have in their bedrooms. Always be sure to discard or lock away unused medications. Even over the counter medications (such as cough syrups) can be abused.

Friends Medical Laboratory’s test menu offers screening for these drugs of abuse as part of a comprehensive GC/MS FULL SCAN. Please call for details. Reference DIRTY SPRITE testing.

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